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  • Daily until Feb 9 2020

    Mind the Deep: Artificial Intelligence and Artistic Creation

    "The functions of storing, addressing, execution, loop, iteration, "if", "and/or", as well as errors, are not merely new knowledge and tools brought about by modern computer programs, but also concealed "brain circuits" of contemporary life. They administer our every unconscious switch between mobile apps, catalyse our obsession with...

  • Daily until Feb 16 2020

    A Blessing Over the Sea: Cultural Relics of Jian Zhen and Murals by Higashiyama Kaii...

    On display are 68 murals painted by Higashiyama Kaii, a celebrated 20th century Japanese landscape painter, and antiques from Chinese Buddhist monk Jian Zhen’s life, dating back to the Tang Dynasty. At the invitation of Japanese monks, Jian Zzhen made five hazardous ocean voyages to Japan until he finally reached the capital Nara in...

  • Daily until Mar 8 2020

    Cabinet of Curiosities: An Exhibition About Dolls

    Cabinet of Curiosities exhibition, a serial project curated by Da Shi, takes its inspiration from the earliest museums, dating back to the Renaissance. In this case, it's basically themed around creepy dolls, and is as intensely interesting as it is unsettling. 80rmb. Read more about it here .

  • Daily until Feb 16 2020

    Continuous Regeneration

    Large-scale eco-art cross-border with more than 30 artists is on at Columbia Circle until February 2020. 68-98rmb.

  • Daily except Mon until Feb 16 2020

    Passing Through Architecture: The 10 Years of Gordon Matta-Clark

    PSA is showing the work of Gordon Matta-Clark, a celebrated American artist that cut neat holes through the walls of entire buildings as if drawing freely in the space. Matta-Clark was trained as an architect; his work transcends conventional artistic genres, being, at the same time, performative, site-specific, and visual. Only a few...

  • Daily until Mar 1 2020

    In Production: Art and The Studio System

    Some cinematographic studios aim to create ageless pictures by adopting different artistic methods. In Production: Art and the Studio System attempts to expose the art that serves and revolves around movie production. Last entrance 8pm. 100rmb.

  • Daily until Mar 8 2020

    The Return of Guests: Selections from the PSA Collection

    Power Station of Art is presenting its first-ever exhibition dedicated to works from the museum’s permanent collection. Covering a wide range of media including video, photography, painting, sculpture, installation, and literature, the exhibition brings more than 60 artworks by nearly 40 artists and collectives. Starting on the...

  • Daily except Mon until Mar 8 2020

    High-Speed Forms

    Cross the Suzhou creek and head to OCAT's new location (around the corner from the former) for what's undoubtedly the most unusual exhibition this season. For the solo show of Zhang Ding, a complete race track made of real highway parts occupies the entire space. Visitors can hop on electric wheelchairs and ride in the route while...

  • Daily except Mon until Mar 15 2020

    Li Binyuan Solo Exhibition

    This show, all about physicality and bodily limits, brings together a decade of works by performance artist Li Binyuan in videos and photographs of his interplays with the conditions and elements around him. Museum is open from 1pm-10pm Tue-Fri, and 10am-10pm on the weekends. 30rmb.

  • Daily except Mon until Mar 15 2020

    The Art of the Brick

    Tank No.5 shows The Art of The Brick, an exhibition of 89 artworks built with LEGO bricks by American artist Nathan Sawaya. He is the only person in the world to combine the titles of LEGO Certified Professional and Master Builder. Visitors will see classics like the Mona Lisa and Venus de Milo, but also appreciate the artist's unique...

  • Daily except Mon until Mar 29 2020


    With the second most extensive collection of modern art in the world, Centre Pompidou can undoubtedly present a historical perspective for any medium. In a nonlinear maze-like form, this exhibition brings works by artists that pioneered in video art and experimented with digital imagery spanning from the early 70s to the present day....

  • Daily except Mon until May 9 2021

    The Shape of Time

    The Shape of Time takes us on a journey through the shapes and forms that defined art in the 20th century. Displayed in a linear and educational form, the exhibition illustrates a chain of influences across painting and sculptures. 70rmb on weekdays, 80rmb on weekends.

Opening Soon

  • From Mar 12

    Design Shanghai

    Some 300 home design brands set up shop in a massive exhibition center. As ever, the fair is divided into three main sections: contemporary, classic and collectibles, with big brands including...
  • From Sep 18


    Big exhibition dedicated strictly to the photographic medium, now in its seventh year. Expect 50+ contemporary photo galleries from around the region displaying their artists' work.
  • From Nov 01

    West Bund Art & Design

    The numbers are staggering: in 20,000 square meters, more than 110 galleries from all parts of the world showed over 3,000 artworks by roughly 800 artists in 2019. Expect more blockbuster art for...
  • From Nov 01

    ART021 2020

    This high-end, much-anticipated contemporary art fair is returning to Shanghai for its eighth edition, bringing together more than 100 international galleries and art organizations from about 20...