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SPACE Instructors
Published Friday, December 20 and refreshed on Fri, Dec 20

Instructor at SPACE

We’re looking for people who have a cycle, fitness, performance, dance, yoga or pilates background, deep passion for music and movement, and desire to motivate and inspire people. Here is an opportunity to join our unique team of instructors. It is as simple as believing in yourself!


  • SPACE Instructors: Full-time/Part-time
  • Modalities:Barre/Space Cycle/Body Combat/Moves/Cow Flow1/Sculpt Yoga
  • Location:Hangzhou/Shanghai/Beijing/Shenzhen
  • Attended at least one SPACE class
  • Fitness, Dance, Performance, Yoga or Pilates background
  • Previous (group) teaching experience or performance experience are plus

Send your resume which should include the following: your name, email address, phone number, WeChat user name, age, teaching/performing experience, 2-3 photos of yours, preferred city of work (Beijing, Shanghai, Taipei) and a cover letter stating your motivation to be an instructor.
Record and send an introduction video of no more than 5 minutes showcasing either a SPACE signature routine or your best teaching routine through Youku or Baidu Cloud by attaching the link (and password) to your cover letter.
Send all the documents needed and video link to with the title "SPACE Instructor Candidate_Your Name, we will answer you within 5 working days.

Fulltime 2019-12-20 Shanghai Shanghai 200000 2020-01-17

SPACE is a leading active lifestyle company in Asia that operates premium boutique fitness studios in Beijing, Shanghai and Taipei. SPACE combines fitness and entertainment into revolutionary and innovative fitness leveraging music, pop culture and world-class teaching and training methods to change the way people socialize around group exercise. SPACE is at the cutting edge of the live fitness entertainment industry, changing the fitness experience with its multi-modality programming a signature styles of CYCLE, BARRE, YOGA, MOVES and HIIT.

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