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    • ADDRESS:
      Three on the Bund,
      2/F, 17 Guangdong Lu,
      near Zhongshan Dong Yi Lu
      廣東路17號外灘三號2樓, 近中山東一路
    • INSIDE:
    • PHONE:
      6330 5005
    • WECHAT:
    • AREA:
      Bund Area
    • METRO:
      15 mins walk from East Nanjing Rd
    • HOURS:
      Tue-Thu, 5.30pm-1am
      Fri-Sat, 5.30pm-2am
      Sun, 5.30pm-midnight
      Closed on Mon
    • CARDS:
    • WEB:
    • OPENED:
      Nov 2019
    • Editor's Description
      Mark Klingspon, (one of) the guy(s) responsible The Nest opens an all-you-can-eat Korean BBQ joint in Three on the Bund. Retro arcade games like Centipede, Donkey Kong and Frogger bump up against the help-yourself (but pay later) drink fridges, stocked with Jinro soju (50rmb) and Cass beer (25rmb). The menu is one page and playfully lo-fi. Hip-hop blares. The wine room has been replaced with two tanks for live octopus. The hook of the place is their unlimited meat for BBQ’ing for 288rmb, which means choices of three pork cuts (belly, neck and collar) and three beef cuts (brisket strips, oyster blade and rib fingers), and their cheap boooooooze — not included in the 288rmb price. (Or, if you’d rather, there are premium cuts and bottles of Hibiki Japanese whisky that go for 10,000+ rmb. It is still The Bund, after all.)
    Photos by BRANDON MCGHEE
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    • Free-flow Monday

      Discount on JUJU's signature unlimited BBQ meat on Mondays, from the usual 288rmb down to 198rmb. Reservations recommended.
      • Dining | JUJU | Mondays until Dec 28 2020


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