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Photos: Brandon McGhee

Cats To-Go: Finally a Cat Cafe Where You Can Adopt the Cats

By Dec 13, 2019 Activities


Cute alert. Eleven stray cats have just moved into a new home at MORE earlier this month on Yuyuan Lu. If you're not familiar, MORE is part pet café, part adoption agency. Pay a small fee to hang out with the fluffy cuteness, then, maybe, just saying, take it home. MORE has already helped over 30 cats find homes, and they plan to help more, just in newer, brighter digs!

Scott and Erica are high-school sweethearts who, after a field trip to Japan, the homeland of cat cafes, decided they wanted to open MORE. Their first place was on the first floor of a slightly run-down villa on Yuyuan Lu, which didn't get much natural light. When the lease was up, the couple decided to move to the 11th floor of an office building. The new spot is spacious, minimally decorated with a few cat climbing trees, gets abundant natural lighting and is much closer to a subway station.

They keep things clean. Before going inside, they make sure you change into slippers and sterilize your hands. After stepping out, they offer a sticky roller to get cat hair off your shirt. Currently, there are about eleven cats pacing the room, purring in your face. It's enough to make a cat lover melt.

Go back in a few months and you might see some new faces. There are always around ten cats at MORE, all from local animal rescue group PPAR (爪園), which has been around for nearly two decades. Scott and Erica do occasionally welcome new residents if they run into stray cats in the city, paying for vaccines and sterilization out of pocket.

Unlike most cat cafes, which keep purebred cats like star attractions, MORE encourages adoption. After playing around with the cats, you can fill out an application for your cat of choice, and if PPAR deems you a competent pet keeper, you can bring the cat home. The process takes a week or so.

MORE charges 68rmb (with a drink) on the weekdays to sit with the cats for as long as you like. On the weekends it’s 68rmb for the first hour, and 22rmb per half hour afterwards. For 288rmb, you get a monthly membership with infinite time with the cats. Or, if you really want infinite time with the cats, you could just… y'know. Adopt.



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  • 19 days ago CK22 Unverified User

    Great article. Where's there new location?

  • 18 days ago the other alex

    @CK22 11/F, 315A Yuyuan Lu, near Beijing Xi Lu.

    The blue"MORE" link at the top of the article takes you to our venue directory page for it. Not to brag or anything, but it's probably the best venue directory in town. At least in English.

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