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Photos: Angela Leung

There's a Dinosaur Exhibit In, Where Else, A Mall. Dino Eggs!

By Dec 19, 2019 Activities


This indoor Jurassic Park brings you face to face with dinosaurs — and not just their skeletons. It's called Dinoman, and it's a hotspot for family and kids. Interactive displays refresh your knowledge of terrible lizards. Color a dinosaur on a screen and see it projected onto a big eggshell! Find your spirit dinosaur by QR Code! Dino eggs!


Located in Sinar Mas Plaza, Dinoman has been open since February. It's amazing it took us this long to notice. One of the main attractions is a full skeleton of Lufengosaurus in the central hall, a plant-eater that existed some 200 million years ago. The Lufengosaurus was the first dinosaur to ever be excavated, examined, assembled and mounted for display in China. Unfortunately, the one in Sinar Mas Plaza only has one vertebra that actually came from the ground; the rest of the skeleton is a replica.

But! There is a collection of real prehistoric fossils inside the glass display cabinets, from Psittacosaurus skulls to Spheroolithus eggs. Unfortunately the signage plates, which contain only the Chinese names and what looks like computer-generated English translations, couldn’t be more minimalistic. Where were these fossils excavated? No one seems to know.

The rest of the dino park includes VR games that take you to Jurassic Island through the eyes of a dinosaur, as you rock in the motion seat. There's a cinema room with ferocious-looking dinosaurs stomping across the screen, and a house of mirrors with a hidden screen somewhere from which a dinosaur might lurch out at you.

The biggest draw here has to be the extraordinarily well-preserved fossil of Sinosauropteryx, the first feathered dinosaur fossil discovered in China. Sinosauropteryx was a turkey-sized, fluffy, carnivorous dinosaur that roamed the open plains in what is now northeastern China about 130 million years ago.

One part education, another part entertainment, the land of Dinoman is best for kids. But one’s never too old for some dinomite dino fun.

In case you're curious, my spirt dinosaur ended up being none other than mamenchisaurus, the one with a neck so long it'd make giraffes feel inadequate.

Thanks, Dinoman.

Dinoman is in Sinar Mas Plaza. It opens from 10am to 10pm, Monday to Sunday. Tickets cost 100rmb on the door. The price includes a free guided tour but only in Chinese.



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