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Photos: Angela Leung

Melting Clocks And Tentacle Helmets: Surrealist Artists Salvador Dalí and Daniel Winn Exhibited Below Ground

By Dec 16, 2019 Arts


Here is a special treat for you art aficionados! A joint art exhibition of Salvador Dalí and his contemporary successor Sir Daniel Winn is taking place at the Shanghai Art Museum (not to be confused with the Museum of the Contemporary Art Shanghai or Former Shanghai Art Museum relocated and rebranded as China Art Museum. The art world is confusing.) Entry costs 120rmb, but the price includes free access to the museum's permanent, private, and precious collection of jadeites.


Do we need to say anything about Dalí? Melting clocks? Pointy moustache? "I don't do drugs, I am drugs"? That guy. Oh, to spend fifteen minutes in that mind.

On display are a selection of Dalí's fabulous etchings and drawings, featuring Satum, Pegasus, Medusa and other mythic figures, as well as a series of 'Surrealistic Bullfight' scenes.

You'll also find a collection of eight illustrations inspired by Mao Zedong's poems, and his 1973 sculpture 'Victoire de Samothrace'. The bronze sculpture looks like a representation of the 'Winged Victory of Samothrace', the famed 2nd century C.E. Greek sculpture of the goddess Nike, but with a strong, violent, Freudian twist.

Sir Daniel Winn is a Vietnam-born artist, agent and international curator. His body of work is characterized by what he termed 'Existential Surrealism', the kind of surrealist art that explores the big questions: nature of human existence, free-will and divinity.

Showcased is also a series of his large oil paintings that features not melted clocks but melted fruits, and most strikingly, a couple of marble busts, all of them with crazy, tentacle-shaped bronze hats. They represent, uh. Whatever you want them to.

By the way, make sure you pop by Chinese Jadeite Art Museum next door, where you can find enormous jadeite stones on display and a private collection of exquisite decorative objects made of these green crystals. Pretty, but in a conventional way.

Note that the official address of the Shanghai Art Museum is B2/F Shanghai International Convention Center at 2727 Binjiang Dadao. But the access to B2/F is actually tucked away inside in the adjacent Oriental Riverside Hotel. In order to find the museum, you need to walk across the splendid hotel lobby to the lift and down to B2/F. Weird! Dali would've loved it.


Surrealism Revisited: An Art Exhibition of Salvador Dalí and Sir Daniel Winn is on at Shanghai Art Museum until January 16, 2020. It opens from 10am to 6pm, Monday to Sunday. Tickets cost 120rmb on the door, includes access to the museum's Jadeite Art exhibition.



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