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New Co. Cheese, Tims and Joe's Pizza Open Up Right Behind IAPM

By Dec 18, 2019 Dining


More reasons to never stray more than 15 minutes from IAPM. That odd building behind the mall on Nanchang Lu that's been closed for what feels like decades has finally taken the hoarding down, like a Christmas present dropped into our laps, and unveiled not only a Tim Hortons and a Joe's Pizza but also a new Co. Cheese. Yeeeeeeeah. It's called Palais Vallon. Here's a glimpse of what's in there.


It's called Pallais Vallon. Why? As far as I can tell, that's not a historical thing or anything. The sign outside just reads "Boundary; Palais Vallon de Changhai," or possibly "Palais Vallon: Boundary de Changhai." [Update: thanks to Mr. T for the heads-up on the background. Nanchang Lu used to be called Route Vallon. Pity the fool! Now you know.]

On the street-front we've got Joe's Pizza's second location. Apparently only its second? I could've sworn there was more.

Around the corner is a Hong Kong dessert spot called Lucky Dessert. Heavy durian miasma.

On the upper floors we have, in various stages of opening, a gym, a salon, and a Japanese restaurant. We'll check back later and see if it's worth mentioning.

Big news, though, is Co. Cheese 2, the long-anticipated, much-muttered-about first expansion (Hop Project doesn't count) of the original Yuyuan Lu grilled cheese palace/shack, responsible for the city's best grilled cheese sandwiches. This one's bigger. It has leather backed booths. It has a deep-fryer. Fried chicken Co. Cheese sandwiches? Fuck. Yes.

It's in soft open now. Distinctly brie-ish in its opening: only a handful of sandwiches available on the menu and they don't open until 6pm or so. Probably be in like hard open, like an emmental medium-hard open, by this Saturday. The plan is to reduce the sandwich variety count from 30 to a measly 20, but also to add salads. Apple honey vinaigrettes and stilton, caesar salad with big parmesan shavings... cheese-heavy salads.

Look, Greg hit on a winning formula and it mostly involves cheese, grills, and being Canadian. Opening party this Saturday.

Speaking of Canada, right across from the new Co. Cheese? Tims Coffee House!

Whoaw, wait. Co. Cheese? Tim Hortons? Weird French name?

I knew it.


Everything in Palais Vallon is at 509 Nanchang Lu, near Shaanxi Bei Lu.



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  • 15 days ago Mr T Unverified User

    Actually Nanchang road used to be called Route Vallon, based on the name of the pilot who crashed his plane on people square... and died...
    Changhai is the old french writing for Shanghai...
    Well here's for the history ;) !

  • 14 days ago Kief Unverified User

    Mr T dropping some knowledge miss you bro. And kudos to Greg on second location for a man that never sleeps

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